Project Communication

AS refer to my first blog post I needed urge to improve my communication. I am kind of introvert in large group, socially awkward person. And extrovert in private one to one communication.At times I find it very difficult to hold my openness and frank discussion in one on one discussion. I joined Toastmaster International, few month back to improve my social and public speaking skills. This is being wonderful journey They have 2 wonderful CC – Competent communication manual and competent leadership manual as reference to improve skills. Its really handy to have some good references.Additionally we do have mentors who are willing to help and guide along the way. CC manual has 10 projects and each chapter describes outcome of project.

The Ice Breaker
Organize Your Speech
Get to the Point
How To Say It
Your Body Speaks
Vocal Variety
Research Your Topic
Get Comfortable with Visual Aids (coming next)
Persuade with Power
Inspire Your Audience

I have completed 6 speeches so far. I am going to post my speeches evaluation and my learning for each of these speeches in coming posts.

I am not yet confident about impromptu speech So I have done only one project in Competent Leadership manual. Soon my next target will be competent leadership manual.

If you would like to know more about Toastmaster International, you can c=google it or drop me a comment and I can revert. Also if you have any way where I can improve my communication kill please do share with me . Looking forward for next steps.


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